About Us


Where it Began...


Derrer Oil & Propane began as a one-man operation in 1976. The late Roland “Jack” Derrer first began his career as a commissioned sales agent for Standard Oil of Indiana in the 1960s. Given his own truck he was given a commission for every gallon he delivered to local farmers and gas stations. Home heating oil was another product that Jack delivered when first starting out. In the late 1970s Jack acquired bulk plants in Ellsworth and Petoskey. In 1976 he then purchased the bulk plant south of Mancelona along with trucks and equipment. 


5 Sons Take Over


Sons Doug, Dennis and David bought into the business in 1989 while the two youngest brother Donny and Danny bought into the business in the early 1990s. Expanding the business the brothers began the propane side in 1992. They then added commercial fueling stations throughout the 1990’s. Over 40 years the company has grown to four convenience stores, three commercial fueling stations, propane and fuel oil servicing a large area of northern Michigan. 


Dedicated to our Customers


We has always tried to do business locally to help our community grow and prosper. We offer great customer service at a fair and honest price. Delivering diesel fuel, gasoline, oils and lubricants for commercial, agricultural, and residential use. We also have C-stores in Petoskey, Bellaire, and Mancelona. Pacific Pride locations are in Kalkaska, Mancelona, and Petoskey  



Email Contact Numbers:

Accounts Payable - Brad Smith

Accounts Receivable - Tammi Friday

Propane Manager - Dan Derrer

Pac Pride Info - Doug Derrer

Dennis Derrer

Dave Derrer - Oils & Lubricants



Phone Contact Numbers:

Main Office in Mancelona (231) 587-9179
Main Office Fax (231) 587-8083
Downtown Mancelona Foodshop (231) 587-8005
Mancelona Foodshop North (231) 587-0683
Bellaire Foodshop (231) 533-6389
Petoskey Foodshop (231) 348-3199